Best range of products which enable a process industry to have the best use of steam, thus augmenting fuel savings

Pragmatic, state of the art and easy to use technology define the process analytics and control systems products of Dewpond

We don’t just sell, but we maintain, too! We provide services for taking care of steam system in your process industry

Dewpond Technology Private Limited prides to be built on three pillars: Proficiency in work, Quality services, Customer satisfaction. This makes us one of those companies where professionalism and human relations go hand in hand. Dewpond believes in need finding and innovation in technology. Our experts with a thorough and systematic study of your plant will offer the best solution for energy conservation and control systems. We ensure that your steam system is in expert hands. By virtue of these attributes, we are always the first preference for steam users.

Product Highlights

Our attributes

  • Highest quality products
  • Agile and reliable services
  • Quick support, pre and post sales
  • Best solutions, standard, as well as tailor made
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous self improvisation to meet clients’ requirements
We achieve the unattainable
Steam System Accessories

We manufacture steam system accessories, starting from the boiler steam outlet line till the condensate recovery part. At every stage of the steam system- viz.- steam generation, distribution, utilization and recovery, our products are the perfect fit to make the steam system rugged, thus resulting into fuel savings.

Solutions for

  • Steam Generation
  • Steam Distribution & Utilization
  • Flash Steam & Condensate Recovery
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Dewpond valves are defined by their high quality, strength and ruggedness. Our valves are made out of the finest quality material, undergone a series of tests and inspections and also designed ergonomically for a comfortable use. Our valves have been, and still are, working very efficiently in any type of harsh and hostile site conditions.

  • Forged Steel Globe Valves
  • Forged Steel Gate Valves
  • Ball Valves
  • Disc Check Valves & Y Type Strainers
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Process Analytics & Control Systems

Our Electromagnetic Flow meters, inline analysers, parameter monitoring systems, etc., coupled with modern communication technology provide the best solutions for process industries. Our fit and forget systems keep you updated on the health of the process utilities and enable you to take the necessary actions.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters
  • Online pH analysers
  • Custom PLC & SCADA Systems
  • Online Datalogging Systems
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Steam System Audits

We study your steam system, make a detailed report and suggest measures to improve the efficiency with calculated ROI.

Our experience and in depth knowledge will help you identify any deficiencies or opportunities that may yield results in terms of better productivity, reliability and sustainability. Through discussions and agreement we will help you determine and prioritise which audit/audits are required to improve system performance.  Know more

Steam Trap Surveys

Steam traps are one of the most vital elements of a steam system. We provide services to regularly check, mange and rectify any issues springing up due to steam traps.

Steam Traps play a major role of trapping the steam and thus enabling the system to fully utilize the latent heat and release only condensate, which can be returned to the steam system. We provide services to regularly check, mange and rectify any issues springing up due to steam traps.  Know more

Steam Asset Management

We take care of your entire steam system by regular checkups of the distribution lines, accessories installed and the boiler performance.

All this is studied at regular intervals and a detailed report will be presented, which will explain all the impact points and possibilities of improvements. This way, the entire steam system stays in a good health and constant maintenance will gradually improvise the productivity. Prevention is always better than cure !  Know more

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